Offer Countdown Demonstration Page 2

Please refer to the narration in the video running in the background.


Feel free to use this page to test how solid this timer is.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Refresh/Reload the page
  • Open it in a completely different browser
  • Get a notebook and open this page in there (on a different computer)

In every case, the timer should realize that it's still you accessing the page and hence, the timer will not re-start from the 3-minute mark.

In other words: The countdown and with it the time-constraint and scarcity on your offer is demonstrably real and not yet another case of dishonest and fake scarcity.

Also feel free to look at the source of this page (for more advanced users) and check out the link below. This is what a Offer Countdown "protected" link looks like. It will go to a page you specify as long as the countdown is still running and it (yes, one and the same link) will go to a different page you specify once the timer runs down.

Time Sensitive Link

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