Offer Countdown Warriors-Only Special:

What does Offer Countdown do? Bottom line: It increases your conversions!

Example Uses for Offer Countdown:

  • "Fast Mover Bonus":
    Set the timer to give every visitor a few minutes, a few hours, even days to make a purchasing decision, before the price increases.
  • "Launch Special":
    Create a rush for your new product by offering it at a special, lower price during the first three days after launch, before increasing to the normal price (automatically). In this example, the timer expires at the same time for everyone, no matter when they first came to your page.
  • "Bonus Timer":
    Offer a bonus product to your own or an affiliate product for a limited time only. People then have a good reason to get in now and not hesitate.
  • "Magic Appearing Order Button"
    Run your sales-video and have the order button magically and elegantly appear, just as you get to the final pitch in your video.
  • More...
    Put a real time-constraint on any offer and any promotion, to increase clicks and conversions.

What's the WSO Part in this Offer?

The special offer which is not publicly available, is the extremely low price.

Yes, it's ridiculous to sell a product like this at such an incredibly low price. We shouldn't be doing it. But you know what? We will anyway. If you get in on this right now, as part of the early adopters, you'll be locked in at this stupidly low price forever, while getting all future updates at no further cost.

WSO Price: $37/yr

Yes, really. We're giving away a product that can increase your sales just minutes from now for only $37/yr. Take action on this, before we come to our senses.

See you on the inside!